2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

    1. Call to Order
    2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
    4. Approval of Minutes
    5. Approval of Add-ons:
    6. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:a. Robertson Energy, LLC – West Hackberry, Section 7, T12S, R12W, (proposed drilling and completion of the J-Lo and Special-K Prospects), Cameron Parish, LA. (190204)
    7. Other Permits:
      • a. Dixie Rice Mitigation, LLC – Klondike, Oak Ridge Rd., Sections 19, 20, 30, T12S,
        R3W, (proposed establishment of Dixie Rice Mitigation Bank, a 702.2-acre site that will result in a net increase in function and quantity of wetlands), Cameron Parish, LA. (190201)
      • b. Texas Eastern Transmission, LP – East Creole, Gulf of Mexico, Lat 29 48 58.35, Long -93 2 26.17, (proposed Cameron System Abandonment Project; removal of above ground equipment at (4) workspaces associated with abandonment in-place of approx. 5.2 miles of 30-inch onshore pipeline extending south of the Grand Chenier Compressor Station to the Oak Grove shore area north of West Cameron Block 33, abandon by removal of approx. 700 ft. of 30-inch pipeline south from the beach to offshore, and abandon in place 57 miles of 30-inch line 41 pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico and removal of associated Cameron System metering facilities and other related appurtenances both onshore and offshore), Camron Parish, LA. (190202)
      • c. Enlink Midstream – Grand Chenier, Section 20 & 21, T15S, R5W, (proposed to remove pipeline riser support structures associated with its G-Pipeline System), Cameron Parish, LA. (190203)
    8. Appointments:
      • a. Ambulance Service District No. 1 – JoAnn Nunez, term expired
      • b. Beachfront Development District No. 1 – Mark McCombs, term expired
      • c. Gravity Drainage District No. 4 – Dan Nunez, term expired
      • d. Gravity Drainage District No. 9 – Wesley Hardin, term expired
      • e. Waterworks District No. 2 – Mark Trahan, term expired (tabled from last month)
    9. Authorize Payment for Police Jury Association Dues – $7,200.00
    10. President Authority to sign Amendment No. 13 to the Grant Consultant Contract for the Parish Implemented Recovery Programs Project No. 12-PAAD-1001 with Minvielle & Associates, Inc.
    11. President Authority to sign Contract and Master Service Agreement with DataScout, LLC for OneMap database
    12. President Authority to sign 6 – Parish Multi-Jurisdictional Consortium Agreement for Workforce Development
    13. Approve Property Insurance Quotes – Louisiana Companies
    14. Ratification of Amendment 1 to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Louisiana Secretary of State, Cameron Parish Registrar of Voters and the Cameron Parish Police Jury to move early voting site to Grand Lake Library and install a circuit line for use by the Registrar in continuing to conduct early voting in Grand Lake
    15. President Authority to sign Termination of Lease Agreement with Cameron Port, Harbor and Terminal District and Cameron Fisheries, LLC
    16. Pay Bills Adjourn Meeting

* Indicating Add-ons

See the official document.