11:00 A.M.

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
3. Approval of Minute
4. Approval of Add-ons:
5. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:
a. Robertson Energy – Hackberry, Section 17, T12S, R12W, (proposed structures
for drilling the J.B. Watkins No. 272 Well), Cameron Parish, LA. (170204)
b. Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline, LLC – Johnson Bayou, (proposed Sabine Pass
Expansion Project; installation of 1200 foot of 36-inch lateral at the existing SPL
Facility), Cameron Parish, LA. (170206)
c. Gulfport Energy Corporation – West Hackberry Field, Section 30, T12S, R10W,
(proposed well location to drill the B. Vincent Well No. 19), Cameron Parish, LA.
d. United World Energy Corporation – Chalkley Field, Section 16, T12S, R6W,
(proposed well location to drill the Cameron Parish School Board Well No. 1),
Cameron Parish, LA. (170209)
6. Other Permits:
a. Forza Operating, LLC – Sabine Lake, Section NA, T14S, R15W, (proposed plug
and abandonment of the SL 19067 Well No. 002 and removal of existing flowline
and structure), Cameron Parish, LA. (170201)
b. Cameron LNG, LLC – West Side of Black Lake, Section 12, 13, & 24, T12S,
R11W, Section 7, T12S, R10W, (proposed levee maintenance repairs for the
Black Lake Levee), Cameron Parish, LA. (170202)
c. The Nature Conservancy – Calcasieu Lake, West Cove Area, (Proposed Calcasieu
Lake & Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Oyster Reef Restoration Project;
approximately 32,000 LF of oyster reef and shoreline protection), Cameron
Parish, LA. (170203)
d. Alpine Exploration Companies, Inc. – Mallard Bay, Section 23, 24, T13S, R3W,
(proposed plug and abandonment of Mary O. Long Well No. 1 and removal of
production barge and flowline), Cameron Parish, LA. (170205)
e. Jonah Leblanc – Sweetlake, Off Hwy. 384, Section 15, T12S, R7W, (proposed
removal of trees approximately 50-foot x 250-foot area along the north boundary
of property and installation of culvert for driveway), Cameron Parish, LA.
f. United World Energy Corporation – South Chalkley Field, Section 6, T13S,
R6W, (proposed restoration of existing well location in accordance with marsh
management plan of landowner), Cameron Parish, LA. (170210)
7. Appointments:
a. Fire Protection District No. 7 – Kevin Vincent term expired
b. Fire Protection District No. 10 – Ray Miller term expired
c. Oyster Task Force – Oren DeBarge term expired
d. Oyster Task Force – Lerlene Rodrique – term expired
e. Oyster Task Force – Roosevelt Fountain Jr – term expired
8. President Authority to Sign:
a. Resolution to Approve 6- Parish Multi-Jurisdictional Consortium Agreement for
Workforce Development
b. State of Louisiana Facility Planning and Control – Amendment to CEA for FP&C
Project No. 50-J12-07B-02 Holly Beach Sewer and Other Infrastructure
c. Letter of support to the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council,
supporting amendments to the 2015 I-codes – Remove 12” freeboard requirement
9. Accept Property Insurance Quote – Louisiana Companies
10. Acceptance of Plans and Specifications for Kings Bayou Water Control Project
and Authority to Advertise for Bids
11. Authorize the Hiring of an Engineer for the Development of Plans for the
Cameron Main Street Drainage Modification Project
12. Approve Change Order No. 2 – Big Burn Spillway Project No. 2013-71 –
Increase Contract Time 43 days
13. Authorize Payment for Police Jury Association Dues – $7,200.00
14. Authorize Payment for CPEX membership $250 (Foundation Level 1)
15. Pay Bills
16. Executive Session – Docket No. 17 00055CA (Cameron Parish Police Jury,
Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office, Cameron Parish School Board vs. All
Taxpayers, Et Al.)