11:00 A.M. (or at conclusion of Morning Agenda Meeting)

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  3. Executive Session
    1. Hurricane Insurance Litigation Discussion
    2. Coastal Zone Litigation Discussion
  5. Approval of Minutes
  6. Approval of Add-Ons:
  7. Drilling Permits:
    1. Gulf Coast Sequestration – Hackberry, Intracoastal Canal, Latitude 30°02’34.30”, Longitude 93°40’20.03”, (South Island Site; proposes to install injection well pad for carbon injection. Site will include clearing of vegetation and approximately 1.88 miles of aggregate road to be raised 1 foot) Cameron Parish, LA. (231201)
    2. Texas Petroleum Investment Co. – Sweetlake, Latitude 29°56’33.36”, Longitude 93°07’39.88”, (proposes propwash, structures and flowlines for drilling and producing the Yount Lee No. 80 Offset Well in Sweetlake Field) Cameron Parish, LA. (231202)
    3. Texas Petroleum Investment Co. – Sweetlake, Latitude 29°56’23.16”, Longitude 93°08’02.39”, (proposed propwash, structures, flowlines, and pipeline lowering for drilling and producing the Yount Lee No. 90 Sidetrack Well in Sweetlake Field) Cameron Parish, LA. (231203)
  8. Other Permits:
    1. Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative (JDEC) – Hackberry, Highway 27, Latitude 30°02’15.23”, Longitude 93°20’23.58”, (JDEC Crown Substation and Transmission; proposed project is needed to complement and add redundancy to the larger 230kV repair and replacement project (P220805) currently being permitted which will harden storm-damaged electrical system critical infrastructure and utility lines throughout JDEC system
      and make system more resilient against future storm events. Principal activities will involve installing new utility poles, conductors and conduit routing) Cameron Parish, LA. (231204)
    2. Targa Midstream, LLC – Lowry, Section 009, T4W, R12S, (proposed pipeline interconnect between an existing Targa and ANR pipeline to enhance product movement between the two pipeline systems) Cameron Parish, LA. (221205)
    3. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 4 – Oak Grove, Latitude 29°47’25.95”, Longitude -93°06’47.63”, (Maintenance of Lateral “B”; proposed maintenance dredging along 7,313 linear feet of drainage lateral to provide adequate drainage) Cameron Parish, LA. (231206)
    4. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 4 – Little Chenier Canal, Latitude 29°50’28.42”, Longitude -92°59’55.09”, (proposed maintenance dredging along 32,685 linear feet of drainage lateral to provide adequate drainage) Cameron Parish, LA. (231207)
    5. Texas Petroleum Investment Co. – Hackberry, Latitude 30°00’32.42”, Longitude 93°20’02.04”, (Hackberry State Land No. 30 Well; proposed to cut and remove casing from the State Land 30 Well) Cameron Parish, LA. (231208)
    6. Greg McNew – 120 Christy Drive, Hackberry, Tract B, (proposes construction of fishing camp for recreational use that consists of a single boat slip (12 x 30) along existing canal, bulkhead approximately 150 linear feet, and a single (40 x 50) canopy for parking of RV with the installation of a driveway and utilities. This will result in approximately 0.01 acres to be excavated from boat slip and all excavated material to be placed behind bulkhead) Cameron Parish, LA. (231109)
    7. Hilcorp Energy Company – Grand Chenier, Deep Lake Field, (proposes to propwash and existing channel for access and re-entry of the SL 20139 No. 026 Well in Deep Lake Field) Cameron Parish, LA. (231210)
    8. Cameron Parish Waterworks District No. 10 – Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach, (proposes the construction of two 500,000 gallon above ground storage tanks for potable water system in Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach. This is necessary to provide potable water and fire protection due to destruction of the tower during Hurricane Laura) Cameron Parish, LA. (231211)
  9. Appointments:
    1. Lower Cameron Hospital Dist. No. 2 – April Young, term expired
    2. Fire Protection District No. 10 – Larry Jinks, resigned
    3. Cameron Parish Tourist Commission – Patty Boudreaux, resigned
    4. Wastewater District. No 1 – Remove Chris Mooney, doesn’t qualify for seat. Appoint Jerry Dockins
    5. Lower Cameron Hospital Board – Appoint member to open seat
    6. Lower Cameron Hospital Board – Appoint member to open seat
  10. Approval of 2024 NACO Member Dues in the amount of $450
  11. Approval of 2024 Police Jury Holidays
  12. Authority to clean property & president authority to sign contract using lowest quote; property located at 160 South Abraham Street, Cameron, LA, per Ordinance No. Article IV, Section 9-37, Grass Weed & Cleanliness
  13. Authority to advertise for bids to repair the Cameron Parish Health Unit
  14. Approval of Budget Amendments for December 2023
  15. Adopt Cameron Parish Police Jury Budget for Year Ending December 31, 2024
  16. Consideration of Liquor Permit for Lighthouse Bend Landmark, LLC dba Lighthouse Bend Bar & Grill, 190 Davis Rd, Suite A, Cameron LA 70631
  17. Consideration of Resolution to request change in statute regarding Consolidated Waterworks District No. 1 of Cameron Parish to allow 6 commissioners instead of 5
  18. Adopt Process Verbal from the November 18, 2023, election outcome (pass/fail) and official election returns
  19. President authority to sign Resolution Approving the selection of certain projects and to proceed with applications through the Hometown Revitalization and the Resilient Communities Infrastructure Programs
  20. President authority to sign Contract with LA DNR for additional funding in the amount of $2.3 million to construct Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge ME-35 Project
  21. Consideration of Change Order No. 1 from Rigid Constructors, LLC for the Rockefeller Refuge Shoreline Stabilization Project (ME-35) – Contract increase in the amount of $417,960.00 to organize the quantities by funding source to utilize all available funds for construction and to allow for funding streams to be tracked separately (Cameron and State RESTORE funds and then Calcasieu RESTORE funds)
  22. Consideration of Change Order No. 2 from Rigid Constructors, LLC for the Rockefeller Refuge Shoreline Stabilization Project (ME-35) – Contract increase in the amount of $2,149,160.00 to utilize the LADNR additional funding allocated to the project after bidding to provide additional protection to the West of the existing contract
  23. President authority to sign Amendment No. 1 with Fenstermaker & Associates – Increase compensation by $85,800.00 for Engineering Fees for Project RARE (Restore Act Rockefeller Extension Project ME-35)
  24. President authority to sign Intergovernmental Agreement Amendment No. 1 with CPRA, for the Cameron Parish Gulf Shoreline Stabilization Project (ME-0038) that includes an additional allocation of $6Mil from 2022 State Surplus Funds bringing a total of combined funds to $14Mil
  25. Allocation approval in the amount of $760 for Chamber Southwest Banquet Table
  26. President authority to sign and enter into MOU with Venture Global & Gravity Drainage District No. 3 for ongoing evaluations to consider Redman Pump Station and ditch improvements
  27. Approve January Meeting – Monday, January 8, 2024, at 2pm
  28. Review and accept the monthly financial statements and budget to actual comparison
  29. Pay Bills
  30. Recognition of Outgoing Jurors

Adjourn Meeting

View the official Agenda here.