4:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Approval of Add-ons:
5. Other Permits:
a. Cameron Parish Police Jury – Creole, Section 17, T15S, R6W, Old Mermentau
River Cut, (proposed emergency excavation of approximately 1,682’ x 50’wide x
5’deep temporary drainage canal to facilitate additional drainage of flood waters
out of the Mermentau River Sub-basin), Cameron Parish, LA. (161201)
b. Cameron Parish Water Works District #10 – Hackberry, Section 36, T11S,
R10W, (proposed construction of a new well site and main line to serve the only
source of potable water for the southwestern portion of parish), Cameron Parish,
LA. (161202)
c. Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority – Calcasieu Ship Chanel/Calcasieu
Lake, (proposed geotechnical borings for the engineering and design of the
Calcasieu Salinity Control Project), Cameron Parish, LA. (161203)
d. Taylor Energy Company, LLC – Chalkley Oil & Gas Field, Section 27, T12S,
R6W, (proposed environmental site assessment of the Pine Pasture Site),
Cameron Parish, LA. (161205)
e. David Deere – Hackberry, Section 36, T12S, R10W, (after-the-fact to rebuild
dock on Kelso Bayou and added additional 6 new pilons after Hurricane Rita),
Cameron Parish, LA. (161206)
f. Commwealth Projects, LLC – Cameron, Off Calcasieu Ship Channel, Section 29,
T15S, R10W, (proposed Commonwealth LNG Cameron geotechnical and
Geophysical Study to determine specifications for site development), Cameron
Parish, LA. (161207)
g. Henry Venture, LLC – Cameron, Davis Rd., (proposed to perform maintenance
and repairs to three existing marine docks (Liberty, Martin Midstream & Dehyco)
to restore barge offloading and loading capabilities), Cameron Parish, LA.
h. HDR – Grand Chenier, East side of Joseph Harbor – (proposed soil borings for
the engineering and design of the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge Unit 5 Rock Jetty),
Cameron Parish, LA (161209)
6. Drilling Permits:
a. White Oak Operating Co., LLC – Cameron, Backridge Field, Section 26, T14S,
R9W, (proposed well location to drill the ABB 2 RB SUA; J.A. Davis 26 Well
No. 005), Cameron Parish, LA. (161204)
7. Appointments:
a. Library Board – Jaimie Boudreaux term expired
b. Library Board – Helen Williams term expired, appoint Ernest Roberts
c. Waterworks No. 9 – Shane Broussard term expired
d. Hackberry Recreation Dist. – Jaime Brown resigned, appoint T. J. Murphy
8. Appointments for Cameron Port Board:
a. Ward One – Sheila Miller
b. Ward Two – Christopher Fountain
c. Ward Three – Jennifer Picou
d. Ward Three – Timothy Dupont
e. Ward 4 – Dwight Savoie
f. Ward 4 – Ricky Poole
g. Ward 5 – Howard Romero
h. Ward 5 – Ernest Trahan
i. Ward 6 – Cliff Cabell
j. Ward 6 – Jimmy Brown
9. President Authority to Sign:
a. CivicSource Contract – Adjudicated Property
10. Approve Budget Amendments for December 2016
11. Adopt Cameron Parish Police Jury Budget for Year Ending December 31, 2017
12. Accept Bid for Limestone for 2017
13. Allocate $680 for Chamber Southwest Banquet
14. Approve Meeting Schedule for 2017
15. Adopt Resolution to Schedule Election on April 29, 2017 for Fire Protection
District No. 7 Tax Renewal
16. Pay Bills