FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2017 3:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Approval of Add-ons:

5. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:

a. Texas Petroleum Investment Co. – Sweet Lake, Section 12 & 13, T13S, R8W, (proposed structures, propwash, and installation of 4-inch flowline for the 45/12 Combo Prospect No. 1 Well), Cameron Parish, LA. (171207)

b. United World Energy Corporation – Chalkley Field, Section 4, T12S, R6W, (proposed well location to drill the VUC; Pine Pasture 4 No. 1), Cameron Parish, LA. (171208)

6. Other Permits:

a. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Calcasieu River Loop Pass, Section 36, T14S, R10W, Sections 31, 32, 33, 34, & 36, T15S, R10W, (proposed maintenance dredging of approximately 2,688,000 cubic yards of material to be used beneficially), Cameron Parish, LA. (171201)

b. Harvest Pipeline Company – Creole, Grand Chenier, Section 31, T13S, R6W, Section 15, T13S, R7W, (proposed anomalies repairs at (5) locations along Grand Chenier-1 pipeline), Cameron Parish, LA. (171202)

c. Pine Pasture, LLC c/o Ducks Unlimited, Inc. – Pine Pasture, Sections 15, 22, 27, T12S, R6W, (proposed amendment to an existing USACE permitted project MVN-2010-01779-WLL for the additional dredging within Bell City Drainage Canal and placement of material upon the existing, adjacent levee and construction of a flap gate across man-made canal bordering the Bell City Drainage Canal to ensure protection of interior wetlands), Cameron Parish, LA. (171203)

d. Russell Thomas – Lowry, Greenhouse Ln., Section 3, T12S, R4W, (proposed installation of approximately 850 linear feet of new bulkhead), Cameron Parish, LA. (171204)

e. Roy Bailey Construction, Inc. – Johnson Bayou, Section 8 & 17, T15S, R13W, (proposed permit renewal of sand mining excavations for the remaining acres of the previously permitted area to provide the use of fill material for commercial projects), Cameron Parish, LA. (171205) f. Little Pecan Cattle Co., LLC – South of Chenier Perdue, Sections 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 33, 34, 35, T14S, R6W, Section 4, T15S, R6W, (proposed maintenance of existing drainage laterals, levees, and water control structures), Cameron Parish, LA. (171206)

7. Appointments:

a. Johnson Bayou Recreation – Jessica Badon, resigned, appoint Heath Jinks for remainder of term

b. Lower Cameron Hospital District No. 2 – Patty Morris, term expired

c. Creole Nature Trail – Ben Welch, resigned, appoint Wendy Harrington for remainder of term

8. Approve Budget Amendments for December 2017 9. Adopt Cameron Parish Police Jury Budget for Year Ending December 31, 2018

10. Accept Bid for Limestone for 2018

11. Accept Bid for Dust Control for 2018

12. Authority to Negotiate renewal of Port-O-Let Contract

13. President Authority to Sign TS Harvey Disaster 4345 Funding Agreement with FEMA

14. President Authority to Sign Sub-Grantee Agreement for Amendment #1 of the Hurricane Ike HMGP Elevation Grant

15. President Authority to Sign Sub-Grantee Agreement for Amendment #5 of the Hurricane Rita HMGP Big Burns Spillway Grant

16. President Authority to sign agreement with GCR – Right of Way Services (Little Chenier Road Bridge Replacement)

17. Public Hearing – Ordinance Changes: Proposed Amendment to Parish Ordinance Chapter 14 Motor Vehicles and Traffic Change Speed Limit from 25mph to 15mph on Parish Roads 528, 529, 551, 552, 558 and 559

18. Amend Parish Ordinance: Amend Parish Ordinance Chapter 14 Motor Vehicles and Traffic – Reduce Speed Limit from 25 mph to 15 mph on Parish Roads 528, 529, 551, 552, 558 and 559

19. Consideration of Change Order No. 3 – Courthouse Renovations, additional work identified (as described below) – Total Contract Decrease – ($34,376.35)

a. COR #14 – ceiling and furr down modifications – increase $5,501.73

b. COR #16 – plumbing modifications – increase $4,080.73

c. COR #17 – HVAC modifications – increase $9,631.19

d. COR #18 – replace terrazzo for floor with an appropriate floor finish in old jail area – decrease ($5,304.00)

e. COR #19 – use impact rated aluminum storefront doors – decrease ($48,286.00)

20. Accept LGAP 1516-CMN-0001, Jim Bonsall Road and Jones Street Asphalt overlay project as complete

21. Allocate $680 for Chamber Southwest Banquet

22. Approve Meeting Schedule for 2018

23. Approve Holiday Schedule for 2018

24. Pay Bills

25. Executive Session

a. Case No. 10-19950 Priola Construction Corporation vs Cameron Parish Police Jury, ET AL

b. Evaluations – Administrator and OEP Director

26. Adjourn Meeting

∗ Indicating Add-ons

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