Please, for a while, do not make plans to go hunting or fishing.
This short-term sacrifice will go a long way toward making Cameron Parish whole again.
As critical recovery efforts ramp up in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, the Cameron Parish Police Jury, Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office and Cameron OHSEP are all strongly discouraging recreational hunting and fishing for the time being.
Essential post-storm recovery is taking place.
There are strong reasons to keep fishing and hunting areas clear:
  • It’s dangerous. Trees and debris continue to settle and shift. Waterlines are littered with object that can cut, scrape, break bones and cause infections.
  • Dislodged caskets bearing Cameron Parish’s late loved ones must be retrieved and respectfully re-interred. Cemeteries are disrupted —and remote ones, especially ones near wooded areas, require careful and safe access for workers.
  • Utility repairs must be made, and workers require uninterrupted access to complete this much-needed work.
  • There are limited emergency services, and the hard-working people who are busy restoring the parish deserve access to these services if needed.
  • Hazardous waste recovery operations are under way.
  • There is still a nightly curfew.
  • The parish remains under mandatory evacuation.
We’re making our way back from the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana since the mid-19th century. We all love to hunt and fish — but we ask you to refrain from recreational hunting and fishing for now. Recovery depends on it.