2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  3. Executive Session:
    1. Hurricane Insurance Discussion
    2. Redistricting letter from Dannie Garrett
  5. Approval of Minutes
  6. Approval of Add-Ons:
  7. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:
    1. Robertson Energy – Hackberry, Section 17, T12S, R12W, (proposed structures for drilling the JB Watkins No. 285 Well from an existing well site.), Cameron Parish, LA. (22103)
    2. Robertson Energy – Hackberry, Sections 8 & 9, T12S, R12W, (proposed drilling of the JB Watkins No. 286 Well from an existing well site.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221105)
  8. Other Permits:
    1. Venture Global CP LNG, LLC – Cameron, Latitude 29 49 45.07, Longitude -93 16 29.62, (proposes to conduct field explorations, including soil borings and cone penetration test (CPT) soundings, within Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge (CPNWR) East Cove Unit and on Monkey Island to provide geotechnical design recommendations for disposal of fill material that will be excavated and dredged from the southern portion of the island to create a marine berthing area for LNG carriers and then transported by pipeline for beneficial use at the CPNWR, including marsh creation to offset the permanent wetland impacts.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221101)
    2. BP America Production Company (B244) – Grand Lake, Section 11, T12S, R09W, (Proposed Nash Property OC Legacy Project No. 032-007-001; proposed to further evaluate environmental conditions of subsurface soils. Investigations are needed to fill delineation data gaps, as well as to collect data on potentially applicable analytical parameters not assessed during previous investigations.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221102)
    3. Texas Gas Transmission, LLC – Sweetlake, Latitude 29 58 40.46, Longitude -92 58 16.20, (LJC 8-ITT Ground Bed Installation PN 1361; proposed to install a deep anode ground bed for cathodic protection on the existing LJC 8-ITT pipeline. The proposed work will require drilling an 8-inch diameter hole to a depth of approximately 300’ to install the anodes.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221104)
    4. BP America Production Company (B244) – Hackberry – Browns Lake, Section 30, 31, 32, T12S, R10W, (proposed Gulf Land #153 Marine Hazard Removal Project; the former well currently protrudes above the water surface and presents a marine hazard. BP America Production Company (B244) is proposing to eliminate the marine hazard by cutting off the well casing approximately 10 feet below the mud line of the lake bottom and install additional cement plugs in the casing as part of the project to ensure integrity to modern day standards.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221106)
    5. Cameron Parish Port, Harbor & Terminal District – Calcasieu Lake (Big Lake), Latitude 29 50 47.70, Longitude -93 20 05.35, (proposes Calcasieu Lake Alternative Oyster Culture (AOC) Park; project is a 46.5 acre commercial off-bottom oyster farming zone, where oysters will be raised in floating and/or bottom cages as a method of cultivation. Project is designed to allow multiple participants to operate individual oyster farms within the permitted area. This 46.5 acre site is located on the southerly shore of Lake Calcasieu and situated between an existing peninsula and East Fork Calcasieu Pass. This site will include approximately 15 two-acre sites and a 0.8 acre area reserved to use for aquaculture farms’ temporary needs. A 50 feet wide navigation lane surrounds each farm site to provide proper passage of vessels servicing the farms. The perimeter of these plots will be marked with 2-inch PVC pipe to denote location. Three 4” x 4” treated timber piles will be placed at the water’s edge to mount security cameras that will monitor the AOC Park. The project is designed by and will be maintained by Cameron Parish Port, Harbor & Terminal District.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221107)
    6. Brannon Hebert – Grand Lake, Lucy Lane, Latitude 30 1 32, Longitude -93 10 8, (proposed excavation of pond, approximately 10,704 cy. to provide fill material for house and shop pad and installation of driveway. All material to remain on site.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221108)
    7. BIBO Investments – Hackberry, 104 and 106 Golden Tor Drive, Latitude 29 58 57.14, Longitude -93 20 28.46, (after-the-fact construction of one fishing pier for two camps.), Cameron Parish, LA. (221109)
  9. Appointments:
    1. Lower Cameron Hospital Service District – Tim Dupont, resigned
    2. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District, Tim Dupont, resigned
    3. Waterworks District No. 16 – Barry Watkins, term expired
  10. Conduct Public Hearing to abandon the last 240 feet of Parish Road 326, Savoie Lane, located in Section 27, T14S, R8W, Cameron, LA
  11. Adopt Resolution to abandon the last 240 feet of Parish Road 326, Savoie Lane, located in Section 27, T14S, R8W, Cameron, LA
  12. Public Hearing and take appropriate actions concerning Adoption of Cameron Parish Police Jury Redistricting Ordinance
  13. President authority to sign Resolution for Cameron Parish Certifying Compliance with requirements for participation in LA DOTD Off-System Bridge Program
  14. President authority to sign Proclamation to Declare November 2022 as National Family Caregiver Month
  15. Consideration of Liquor Permit for T-Boys Cajun Foods, LLC, 760 Hwy 384, Grand Lake, LA 70607
  16. Consideration of Liquor Permit for Family Dollar Stores of Louisiana, LLC, Family Dollar #32966, 10401 Gulf Highway, Grand Lake, LA 70607
  17. Consideration of Variance for Mark A. Daigle, Mechanic Shop, 4497 West Creole Hwy, Cameron, LA 70632
  18. Change Order No. 004 – Grand Chenier Library, credit in the amount of ($4,789.00) issued for contractor making repairs to the Swale, no change in contract time
  19. Changer Order No. 005 – Grand Chenier Library, increase contract time by 244 days for delay in manufacture and shipping of components for monument sign, no change in contract amount
  20. Change Order No. 002 – Cameron Multipurpose Building, additional interior locks. Increase contract in the amount of $1,693.00 and increase contract time by 3 days
  21. Approve and grant President authority to sign 2023 Port-O-Let Contract with Coastal Cans
  22. Accept lowest bid for PPDR Batch 1, and grant President authority to sign all required documents and contract
  23. Authority for Building Inspector to send Notice of Condemnation Hearing to all properties on condemnation list for PPDR Program Batch 3
  24. Approve 2023 NACO Membership Dues – $450.00
  25. Review and accept the monthly financial statements and budget to actual comparison
  26. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting

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