2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  3. Executive Session – Hurricane Insurance Litigation Discussion
  5. Approval of Minutes
  6. Approval of Add-Ons:
  7. Other Permits:
    1. Volney Griffin – Off Big Pasture Road, Latitude 30° 00’ 07.20”, Longitude 93° 15’ 08.97”, (proposed maintenance of existing canal that will result in approximately 1,000 cubic yards of excavated material being placed on existing spoil bank at a height not to exceed 1 foot to allow landowner marine access to and from his property), Cameron Parish, LA. (230901)
    2. Texas Petroleum Investment Company – Hackberry, Section 16, 17, 18, & 19, T12S, R10W; Section 24, & 45, T12S, R11W, (Hackberry Field, proposed propwash for access to the site, removal of facilities and above ground pipeline and pipeline racks; lowering of existing pipelines crossing propwash area in canal), Cameron Parish, LA. (230902)
    3. Venture Global – Cameron, Latitude 29° 47’ 13”, Longitude -93° 19’ 04”, (proposed 37 bore locations and 13 CPT’s for geotechnical evaluations, approximately 30.2 cubic yards of soil will be taken for study and 30.2 cement-bentonite grout to be back filled for each proposed location), Cameron Parish, LA. (230903)
    4. Cameron Parish Police Jury – Grand Chenier, Section 27, T15S, R04W, (Mermentau Basin Inundation Relief Project; proposed project to increase the flow of water south to and across Highway 82, through Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, and into the Gulf of Mexico. Project elements include mechanical dredging, excavation of five drainage channels (named channels 2-6, no channel 1), cleaning of existing drainage structures under Highway 82 and an earthen terrace), Cameron Parish, LA. (230904)
    5. Cameron Parish Police Jury – Grand Chenier, Section 27, T15S, R04W, (Mermentau Basin Inundation Relief Par. Rd 147 Cross Drain Replacement; proposed to remove and replace 1 existing 54” reinforced concrete pipe with 3 new 48” reinforced concrete pipes under Parish Road 147. The project will involve removing a portion of the road, removing the existing RCP, and installing the 3 new RCP’s. This will increase drainage capacity in the area to reduce inundation in the area.), Cameron Parish, LA. (230905)
    6. Cameron Parish Police Jury – Grand Lake, 10080 Gulf Highway, (proposed re-authorization to continue excavations within non-wet areas previously permitted pit recently authorized under P20210873. This will result in approximately 79,289 cubic yards of excavated material), Cameron Parish, LA. (230906)
    7. Timothy Landry – Klondike, Louisiana Ave – Sippin and Drippin Subdivision, Tract 3k-1-B-2, Latitude 30° 1’ 47.81”, Longitude 92° 44’ 13.79”, (proposed excavation of pond 50 x 80 which results in 1,500 cubic yards of material for 70 x 100 elevated dirt pad for canopy for recreational vehicle, driveway, and utilities. All material to remain on site. On the waterfront side to construct 20 x 30 wood deck and 5 x 6 wood wharf), Cameron Parish, LA. (230907)
    8. Sabine Pass LNG, LP. – Johnson Bayou, 9243 Gulf Beach Highway, (proposed to conduct noninvasive exploratory location survey of underground utilities), Cameron Parish, LA. (230908)
    9. Port Arthur Pipeline, LLC – Johnson Bayou, Latitude 29° 45’ 46.02”, Longitude -93° 52’ 50.85”, (proposed to construct and transport new natural gas pipeline system as part of the Port Arthur LNG Liquefaction Project), Cameron, LA. (230910)
    10. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries – Grand Chenier, Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, (proposed Rockefeller Freshwater Enhancement Structures Project; installation of four water control structures within the existing sub-basin protection levee system on Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in order to reduce prolonged inundation and relieve flooding stress within the Mermentau Basin. Each water control structure to be installed includes four to six 60” pipe flap gates enclosed in articulated concrete block mattress and/or rip rap to aid in the diversion of water into marsh areas that will benefit from the freshwater, nutrients, and sediment before flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. All spoil material to be placed within non-vegetated water bottoms and/or existing upland levee habitat), Cameron, LA. (230911)
  8. Appointments:
    Consideration of Nominees for Port of Lake Charles Board of Commissioner Seat
  9. President authority to sign Resolution granting authority to Katie Armentor, Administrator to sign all documents related to insurance renewals for:
    1. Equipment
    2. General Liability
    3. Commercial Auto
    4. Workers Compensation
    5. VFIS
  10. Consideration of amendment to the 2018 Master Service Agreement with Fenstermaker on the limit of overall design compensation fee from $1.5M to $2.5M for permitted breakwater projects
  11. Proclamation – Declare September 2023 as Library Card Sign-up Month in Cameron Parish
  12. Proclamation – Yvonne Eagleson Mhire
  13. Consideration of sponsorship for the 2024 Louisiana Fur & Wildlife Festival
  14. Change Order for Courthouse & Jail Project – Contract increase in the amount of $108,813.00 for additional 105 lights and fixtures at the Jail, due to continued deterioration of exterior lights. No change in contract time
  15. Change Order for Courthouse & Jail Project – Contract credit in the amount of ($69,465.00) for mobile storage unit in the Courthouse, tracks could be cleaned and painted instead of being replaced. No change in contract time
  16. Ratification to amend Mowing & Litter pickup Maintenance Agreement with DOTD for 2023 to increase contract from 4 to 5 maintenance cycles per year with supplemental funding for the 5th cycle
  17. Authority to Advertise for Request for Proposals:
    1. Limestone
    2. Dust Control
    3. White Goods
  18. President authority to sign Resolution Declaring a Fisheries Catastrophe Arising from the Surge of Imported Shrimp in Unrestricted Volumes
  19. President authority to sign Resolution Evidencing Public Approval of Bonds Pursuant to Section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986
  20. Authority to apply for State Capital Outlay Funding
  21. Authority to advertise for Request for Proposals for Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) Condemnation on Batches 2, 3, & 4
  22. Authority to advertise to change speed limit on PR 430, Nunez Road, Sweetlake, LA from 25 mph to 10 mph
  23. Authority to advertise public hearing, boundaries & ordinance change to consolidate Waterworks District No. 7 & 9, and Cameron Wastewater No. 1 into South Cameron Consolidated Waterworks District No. 1
  24. Authority to advertise public hearing, boundaries & ordinance change to create Cameron Parish Wastewater District No. 1
  25. Change Order COR 001 – HVAC Repairs, system was not fully operational at time of damage assessment, so bid price included for evaluation of units by contractor for repairs/replacement. Increase contract amount by $38,395.00, for the repairs and maintenance required on units no change to contract time
  26. Change Order COR 002 – Exterior Ceiling, removed exterior lay-in ceiling and mount surface weatherproof lights and repair concrete beams where old ceiling grid was attached, paint to match remaining beams and columns. Increase contract amount by $86,262.00, no change to contract time
  27. Change Order COR 003 – Exterior Ceiling, credit for not installing the exterior lay-in ceiling. Decrease contract amount by ($49,497.00), no change to contract time
  28. Change Order COR 005 – Main Floor carpet, credit for not installing the carpet on the main floor. Decrease contract amount by ($22,705.00), no change to contract time
  29. Change Order COR 006 – LVT Flooring, installation of LVT Flooring in lieu of the carpet on the main floor. Increase contract amount by $45,812.00, no change to contract time
  30. President authority to sign Letter of support for the carbon capture program to be administered and permits issued by the State (DNR)
  31. Review and accept the monthly financial statements and budget to actual comparison
  32. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting

View the official Agenda here.