3:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
3. Approval of Minutes


4. Approval of Add-ons:

5. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:

6. Other Permits:

a. Sam Breaux – Hackberry, Off Main St., Section 26, T12S, R10W, (proposed construction of 24 RV pads for temporary living space for construction workers), Cameron Parish, LA. (181101)
b. D.P. Land – Johnson Bayou, Cameron Meadows, Section 29, T14S, R13W, (proposed to prevent salt water intrusion from the construction of CS-66 by the state from impacting fresh water marsh habitats; salt water to be diverted by a temporary levee to four dredged slips into an existing levee, the slips will allow water to enter bass pond and low areas along the levees of the bass pond will be temporarily filled with water bladders in order to keep all excess salt water moving north through the ponds into B1 canal through a 6- barrel structure back into gulf, all structures are temporary and will be removed upon completion of the CS-66 project), Cameron Parish, LA. (181102)
c. Joshua Fountain – Grand Lake, Parish Line Rd., Section 1, T12S, R9W, (proposed excavation of pond to provide fill material for house pad and driveway), Cameron Parish, LA. (181103)
d. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District 5 – Grand Chenier, Section 5, T15S, R6W, (proposed to perform maintenance dredging of existing outfall channels along the Mermentau River to re-establish adequate access to the existing drainage structures for required maintenance), Cameron Parish, LA. (181104)
e. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District 5 – Grand Chenier, Section 1, T15S, R6W, Section 4 & 5, T15S, R5W, (proposed to perform maintenance dredging of (14) existing previously maintained channels along Mermentau River), Cameron Parish, LA. (181105)
f. Benjamin R. Drone – Big Lake, 167 Pelican Point Rd., Section 23, T12S, R9W, (proposed to rebuild existing wharf, fishing deck and boat house cover), Cameron Parish, LA. (181106)
g. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District 4 – Creole, Kings Bayou Structure, Section 5, T15S, R6W, (proposed to modify existing water control structures by installing additional culverts, (4) 60-inch x 90-foot long with flap and screw gates to increase water evacuation capacity during high rain events), Cameron Parish, LA. (181107)
h. Plains Pipeline, LP – Grand Chenier Terminal, Section 42, T15S, R6W, (proposed to excavate (6) locations to perform anomaly repairs on existing pipeline), Cameron Parish, LA. (181108)
i. R.E. Odom – Johnson Bayou Area, Lat 30-00-05, Long -93-36-55, (proposed after-the- fact placement of pipe fence installed across private canal as a trespass barrier), Cameron Parish, LA. (181006)

7. Appointments:

a. Cameron Parish Port, Harbor & Terminal District – Chris Fountain, resigned appoint Angela Guidry for remainder of term
b. Library Board of Control – Beth Fergerson, term expired, tabled from last month

8. Adopt Amendment to Cameron Parish Code of Ordinances
• Chapter 4 1⁄4. – Building Codes and Permits
Add: Section 4 1⁄4.13. – Permitting of Recreational Vehicle Parks; Limited Application – The proposed provisions of Sec. 4 1⁄4.13 shall apply only to recreational vehicle parks as defined by Sec. 7-11 of this Code of Ordinances. Further, application of this part is limited to recreational vehicle parks located within the West Division (Police Jury District No. 2), as legally described in Sec. 6-16(e) for Precinct 4

9. Grant President Authority to sign Proclamation to Declare November 2018 as National Family Caregivers Month

10. Ratify Application for Capital Outlay Funding

11. Accept Limestone Bid for 2019

12. Accept Dust Control Bid for 2019

13. Authority to Negotiate renewal of Port-O-Let Contract

14. Authority to Advertise for Public Comment for 45 Days on Notice of Intent to Abandon the Southern End of Davis Road

15. Consideration of Change Order No. 8 – Courthouse Renovations, additional work identified (as described below) – Total Contract Increase – $2,426.82, increase in contract time 8 additional days
a. COR #37 – additional grout leveling in rooms 220, 222, 303, & 304 – increase $3,135.17, no additional days
b. COR #38 – credit for landscape irrigation system ($10,000.00), no additional days c. COR #39 – additional grout leveling room 219 – increase $897.18, increase 2 additional days
d. COR #40 – plumbing repairs in Judge’s Chambers and the old Clerk of Court Area – increase $2,679.38, increase 2 additional days
e. COR #41 – repair structural column at the elevator – increase $1,732.52, increase 1 additional day
f. COR #42 – additional crack isolation membrane for terrazzo flooring – increase $3,982.57, increase 3 additional days

16. Consideration of Change Order No. 4 – Hackberry Fire Station, increase time 99 days due to inclement weather, new substantial completion date April 10, 2019

17. Authority to Advertise for Bids for HVAC Systems for Cameron Fisheries with LCDBG Budgeted Funding

18. Authorize the Purchase of Office Furniture for Judge’s Office in Courthouse through State Contract Purchasing

19. Authorize Procurement for the Purchase of Courtroom Benches for Courthouse

20. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting
* Indicating Add-ons

See the Official Document