2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  4. Approval of Minutes
  5. Approval of Add-ons:
  6. Other Permits:
    a. Myers Trucking and Equipment, LLC – Sweetlake, 1900 Hwy 384, Section 24, T12S, R8W,
    (proposed Myers C&D Disposal Site; excavation/filling approximately 322,666 cubic yards
    of hurricane debris and backfill material on 40 acres of existing and new processing and
    disposal areas for construction and demolition final disposal landfill site for Hurricane Laura
    debris), Cameron Parish, LA. (201101)
    b. Venture Global LNG, Inc. – Various Areas, (proposed EUA 20-069-01; emergency use
    authorization assessment and recovery of items related to Hurricanes Laura and Delta
    displacement (39) locations of timber mats and other items within and beyond the permitted
    TransCameron Pipeline construction workspace and retrieve the displaced timber mats and
    other project-related items along the pipeline route vicinity and an approximately 1,000 ft.
    long temporary water filled barrier (Aquadam) will be used for pumping of storm/flood water
    in the construction area), Cameron Parish, LA. (201102)
    c. ERM – Grand Chenier, Hog Bayou, Section 21, T15S, R6W, (proposed environmental soil
    sampling to assess environmental conditions of the Dolores Lewis Property), Cameron
    Parish, LA. (201103)
    d. Duhon Dirt Service, LLC – Sweetlake, 400 Rita Dr., Section 21, T12S, R07W, (proposed
    Duhon Vegetative Debris Disposal Site; approximately 4.0 acres of disposal area resulting
    from hurricane vegetative debris by burial within existing borrow pit related to Hurricane
    Laura and Delta), Cameron Parish, LA. (201104)
    e. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 4 – Creole, Sections 20 & 21, T14S, R6W,
    (proposed to perform maintenance dredging along 9,610 linear feet of Drainage Lateral “I”),
    Cameron Parish, LA. (201105)
    f. Brent & Jamille Menard – Grand Chenier, Mermentau River Rd., Section 3, T15S, R6W,
    (proposed unauthorized activities for the installation of approx. 320 linear ft of bulkhead,
    filled approx. 0.3 acres of property, constructed 10×40 wharf, and pedestrian bridge. The
    Wharf and Bridge to be re-constructed due to damages by Hurricane Laura), Cameron Parish,
    LA. (201106)
    g. Robertson Energy, LLC – Hackberry, Section 17, T12S, R12W, (proposed unintentional
    unauthorized impacts outside permitted site in association with drilling the Watkins 277 and
    278 Wells in 2018, activities include clearing, matting and construction of borrow ditch and
    ring levee adjacent to the permitted site, P20180999), Cameron Parish, LA. (201107)
    h. White Oak Operating Company, LLC – Cameron, Lat 29° 49′ 10.09″, Long -93° 15′ 45.45″,
    (proposed EUA 20-051; emergency use authorization to clean up oil spill from oil tanks
    damaged/displaced by Hurricane Laura at/near the Henry Production Facility and the Davis
    26 #4 Facility. Tanks to be recovered and returned to the Davis 26 #4 Facility), Cameron
    Parish, LA. (201108)
    i. Robertson Energy, LLC – Hackberry, Section 08, T12S, R12W, (proposed removal of tanks,
    surface pipe, and degrade tank containment levee at Watkins 273 well site), Cameron Parish,
    LA. (201109)
    j. CenterPoint Energy, Inc. – Oak Grove, Lat. 29 47 16.65 Long. -93 05 53.64, (proposed
    emergency use authorization to construct an 3- foot wide earthen berm to perform the
    necessary repairs on existing facilities; EUA-20-088), Cameron Parish, LA. (201110)
  7. Approve Rigid Constructors, LLC, Change Order No. 1 – CDBG Rockefeller Shoreline
    Protection Project (ME-37/PARA3301) Increase Cost $696,700.00 for Geotextile
    Composite, Bedding Layer and Armor Stone, Encapsulated Aggregate, Settlement Plates,
    Lighted Daybeacons, Surveying, Bond & Aerial Photography and increase contract
    time 60 additional days
  8. Approve Rigid Constructors, LLC, Change Order No. 1 – GOMESA Shoreline
    Stabilization Project (Long Beach) Increase contract time 36 days
  9. Approve 2021 NACO membership dues – $450
  10. Authority to Apply and President authority to sign all documents for 2020-2021 CWEF
    & LGAP funds
  11. President Authority to Sign Proclamation to Declare November 2020 as National Family
    Caregivers Month
  12. President authority to sign Resolutions ratifying and approving Resolutions adopted by
    the following Districts to proceed with the ordering and calling of a special election
    March 20, 2021:
    a. Mosquito Abatement District No. 1 – 10.00 mills for a period of 10 years beginning
    b. Cameron Parish Water and Wastewater District No. 1 – 9.40 mills for a period of 10
    years beginning 2022
    c. Waterworks District No. 11 – 5.70 mills for a period of 10 years beginning
  13. President authority to sign funding agreement for Disaster 4570 – Hurricane Delta
  14. President authority to sign Resolution adopting the 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan
  15. Accept GOMESA Shoreline Stabilization Project (Long Beach) as substantially complete
  16. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting
* Indicating Add-ons

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