FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2018
3:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Approval of Add-ons:
  5. Other Permits:
    a. D.P. Land – Johnson Bayou, Cameron Meadows, Section 29, T14S, R13W,
    (proposed excavation of an existing levee and replace with a (6) barrel water
    control structure, 42-inch x 20-foot DU flap gate style barrels to reduce
    inundation), Cameron Parish, LA. (180501)
    b. Lacassane Company Inc. – Lowry, Sections 1 & 12, T12S, R5W, Sections 6 & 7,
    T12S, R4W, (proposed Lacassane Company Environmental Investigation to
    collect soil and groundwater samples to assess environmental conditions),
    Cameron Parish, LA. (180502)
    c. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 4 – South Oak Grove, Sections 6
    & 7, T15S, R6W, Sections 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, & 12, T15S, R7W, (proposed South Oak
    Grove Levee Restoration; restore low areas along approximately 30,490 linear
    feet of existing levee and excavation of native material to be removed from
    existing borrow areas and water bottoms), Cameron Parish, LA. (180503)
    d. Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC – Sweet Lake, Lat 30 0 45.21, Long -92 59
    15.32, (proposed meter station 4028 Exploratory Dig Project; consist of exposing
    a segment of Columbia’s existing West Lateral 100 pipeline to examine and
    assess the pipe for potential future use as a delivery point), Cameron Parish, LA.
    e. Apache Corporation – South Pecan Lake Field, (proposed plug and abandonment
    to include the removal of well structures, pipelines, and associated facilities
    serving (15) wells), Cameron Parish, LA. (180505)
    f. Tru Lodging RV Park, LLC – Hackberry, Off Hwy 27, Section 27, T12S, R10W,
    (proposed development of an RV Park to include, installation of (49) RV pads, a
    detention pond and ditches for drainage, and construct 540 sq. feet of office
    space), Cameron Parish, LA. (180407)
  6. Appointments:
    a. Waterworks Dist. No. 7 – appoint Michelle Trahan, to open seat tabled from
    last month
    b. Gravity Drainage Dist. No. 3 – Terrence Savoie resigned, appoint Oran
    c. Fire Protection Dist. No. 9 – Susan Fawvor term expired
    d. Fire Protection Dist. No. 9 – Mark LeBouef term expired
    e. Fire Protection Dist. No. 10 – Spencer Owens term expired
    f. Fire Protection Dist. No. 10 – Glenn Trahan term expired
    g. Fire Protection Dist. No. 16 – Darrell Hebert term expired
    h. Lower Cameron Hospital Dist. No. 2 – Blair Jinks term expired
    i. Mosquito Abatement District – Mitchell Kelley term expired
    j. Recreation Dist. No. 5 – Kim Nunez, term expired, tabled from last meeting
    k. Gravity Drainage Dist. No. 4 – Stephen Landry resigned, appoint Todd Morales
    l. Recreation Dist. No. 7 – Janetta LaLande resigned, appoint Robin Morales
  7. Adopt Resolution of Support for CWPPRA Projects in Cameron Parish:
    a. Long Point Bayou Marsh Creation
    b. Central Wetlands Hydrologic Restoration
  8. Conduct Public Hearing to Abandon Right of Way on 60 ft. Strip of Land
    Adjacent to Lot 12 Block B of Bonne Terre Subdivision (per assessment plat),
    Section 6, Township 12 South, Range 8 West, Grand Lake, LA
  9. Abandon Right of Way on 60 ft. Strip of Land Adjacent to Lot 12 Block B of
    Bonne Terre Subdivision (per assessment plat), Section 6, Township 12 South,
    Range 8 West, Grand Lake, LA
  10. Adopt Millage Rates for Ad Valorem Taxes for 2018
  11. Ratify Resolution 1079 authorizing the Cameron Parish Police Jury to prepare and
    submit a pre-application to the Statewide Flood Control Program
  12. Acceptance of Request for Proposals:
    a. Emergency Debris Collection
    b. Emergency Debris Monitoring
  13. Acceptance of Bids for Dust Control
  14. Authority to Enter Professional Services Agreement for GOMESA Program
  15. Designation of Records Retention Officer
  16. Consideration of Resolution No. 1081 Authorizing Incurrence of Debt not-toexceed
    Fifteen Million Dollars ($15,000,000) for a term not-to-exceed 20 years at
    rates of interest not-to-exceed 7% per annum, and authorizing execution of all
    necessary applications and documents required therein, with repayment of debt
    from Cameron Parish’s annual allocation of GOMESA revenues, for the purpose
    of financing Coastal Shoreline Protection Projects in Cameron Parish.
  17. Authorize President to Sign State Highway Maintenance Agreement with
    Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (DOTD)
  18. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting
∗ Indicating Add-ons