11:00 A.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  3. Executive Session:
    1. Hurricane Insurance Litigation Discussion
    2. Coastal Zone Litigation Discussion
  5. Motion to Adopt February 2024 meeting minutes
  6. Motion to Approve Add-Ons:
  7. Motion to Approve Other Permits:
    1. GeoEngineers, Inc. – Johnson Bayou, (Cameron Marsh Restoration Project; proposes to drill 20 soil borings 20 feet below mudline (bml) (pontoon-mounted drill rig, and drill 14 soil borings (airboat-mounted). This study is required to engineer and design a marsh restoration project which will create and nourish approx. 900 acres), Cameron Parish, LA. (240302)
    2. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District # 9 – Hackberry, Section 10, T13S, R10W, (proposes to install a water control structure south of Hackberry needed to allow for management of the amount of rainfall capacity that is available during rainfall events while maintaining the current conditions of the controlled wetland areas), Cameron Parish, LA. (240303)
    3. Enterprise Products Operating, LLC – Hackberry, (EUA 23-040, emergency repair of three valves on the Aegis Pipeline at MLV 8, 9, and 10. Approximately 264 cubic yards of material was excavated from three dig sites, stockpiled, and used as backfill upon successful completion of the project), Cameron Parish, LA. (240304)
    4. Sam Bordelon – Sweetlake, (proposes to install approximately 80-feet of bulkhead. Approximately 33 cubic yards of fill material will be hauled in to backfill behind the bulkhead), Cameron Parish, LA. (240305)
    5. Couvillion Group – Grand Chenier, (EUA 23-051, emergency repair to stop leak at the SLL 6289 Well No. 1. Approximately 2553 cubic yards of material was jetted from around the well in order to access the leak), Cameron Parish, LA. (240306)
    6. TXGC Properties, LLC – Sabine Pass, (Texas Gulf Coast Project proposes transportation of dredge material from the project site in Texas to Louisiana will require the temporary dredge pipeline of high density polyethylene or steel piping to be routed across the Sabine River and the federal navigation channel. Approximately 4.08 acres of total dredge footprint that extends into Cameron Parish), Cameron Parish, LA. (240307)
    7. ERM – Cameron, 217 Wakefield Road, (proposes to delineate subsurface contaminants in accordance with Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Plan. Project includes advancement of a total of sixty (60) soil borings. Twenty-six (26) soil borings to be converted to temporary shallow groundwater wells. Three (3) of the soil borings are optional and may not be drilled. Soil borings will be advanced to maximum depth of twenty (20) feet below ground surface using a tracked Geoprobe direct push rig. Two (2) additional monitoring wells will be installed to a maximum depth of twenty-two (22) feet bgs), Cameron Parish, LA. (240308)
    8. Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC – Klondike, Section 23, T12S, R03W, (Amoco South Pecan Lake Abandonment Project; proposes to abandon approximately 21 miles of obsolete pipeline and related appurtenances as they are no longer being used to transport natural gas.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240309)
  8. Motion to Approve Appointments:
    1. Fire Protection District No. 14 – C.S. Darbonne, term expired
    2. Fire Protection District No. 14 – Greg Manuel, term expired
    3. Gravity Drainage District No. 8 – Tommy Arceneaux, term expired
    4. Library Board of Control – Peter Posada, term expired
    5. Recreation District No. 9 – Christa Richard, term expired
    6. Recreation District No. 9 – Kellie McKoin, term expired
    7. Tourism Commission – Joann Nunez, term expired
    8. Tourism Commission – Tunie Dunaway, term expired
    9. Waterworks District No. 2 – Donald Buford, term expired
    10. Waterworks District No. 2 – Mark Trahan, term expired
  9. Authority to advertise to hire one (1) full time Road & Bridge employee for Klondike/Lowry
  10. Open and Conduct Public Hearing for Proposed Amendments to Chapter 12-Library, Sec. 12-3 – Board of Control as listed below:
    (d) Per diem for Members: the members of the library board of control of the Parish of Cameron, are hereby authorized, empowered, and directed to:
    (1) receive a per diem established by the parish governing authority in an amount not to exceed fifty dollars for each regular or special meeting attended for not more than fifteen meetings in one calendar year.
    (2) Be reimbursed on a vouchered basis for expenses incurred in attending meetings or otherwise performing services for the board.
    The per diem and reimbursements shall be paid by the parish governing authority out of funds appropriated or otherwise made available for those purposes
  11. Authority to amend Chapter 12 – Library, Sec. 12-3 – Board of Control (AS LISTED ABOVE)
  12. Consideration to allocate funding to the District Attorney’s office in the amount of $6,500 for a new server
  13. Accept bids for Trench Burners
  14. Resolution accepting bids for North Cameron EOC, pending FP&C Concurrence
  15. Approval of Resolution authorizing President to sign Multi-Jurisdictional Agreement for 2024 Workforce Development
  16. President authority to sign resolution committing funds to pay all costs on the North Cameron Emergency Operations Center Project that Exceeds the Current Available State Funds
  17. President authority to sign Resolution of Support for CWPPRA Priority Project List 34
  18. Approval for President authority to sign Partial Substantial Complete for the Cameron/Creole Maintenance Barn & Livestock Pavilion
  19. Authority for the Cameron Parish Waterworks District No. 2 to utilize the land between the north fence of the Waterworks and the Community Center playground in Hackberry for a new tank (approximately 3,000 square feet)
  20. Authority to advertise for Request for Proposals to provide Debris Removal and Disposal Services
  21. Authority to advertise for Request for Proposals to provide disaster management and recovery monitoring services
  22. Authority to advertise for Request for Proposals to provide program management for FEMA Public Assistance Program
  23. Authority to advertise for Request for Qualifications for Emergency Remediation, Abatement and stabilization Services for all parish owned buildings
  24. Authority to advertise Golf Cart ordinance
  25. Authority to sell Surplus Equipment through Guinn Auctions
  26. Review and accept the monthly financial statements and budget to actual comparison
  27. Motion that approved Bills be Paid

Adjourn Meeting

* Indicating Add-ons

View the official Agenda here.