FEMA has been working with our state and local partners to determine the best housing solutions for those whose homes have been damaged by Hurricane Laura. Realizing the significant need, the State of Louisiana has identified several options to support survivors in their recovery process:

Rental Assistance:

    • Rental Assistance is financial assistance for eligible survivors who need a place to temporarily live while their home is repaired or until they secure permanent housing.


Direct Temporary Housing Assistance:

    • The State of Louisiana has also authorized two types of direct temporary housing assistance.
      • The first option provides eligible survivors temporary use of a FEMA-issued travel trailer or mobile housing unit.
      • In the second option, FEMA pays for an eligible survivor’s lease at a FEMA-approved property.

Our team has already started to call eligible residents to determine which of the available housing options will work best for them. We are encouraging residents to continue to take advantage of the state’s hotel sheltering program due to the rental unit shortage, the time required to prepare sites for mobile housing units and travel trailers and the time required to make repairs to properties for the lease and repair program.

Laura was a catastrophic event and recovery will take time. But significant progress is being made with the help of the voluntary agencies and our state and local partners working together. We will continue to share out updates on the housing mission progress as more information becomes available.