Electronic bids and electronic bid bonds for the following project will be downloaded by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) on Wednesday, June 08, 2022. Paper bids and paper bid bonds will not be accepted. Electronic bids and electronic bid bonds must be submitted through www.bidx.com prior to the electronic bidding deadline. Beginning at 10:00 a.m., all bids will be downloaded and posted online at http://wwwapps.dotd.la.gov/engineering/lettings/. No bids are accepted after 10:00 a.m. The electronic bid download process is held in LA DOTD Headquarters Building, 1201 Capitol Access Road in Baton Rouge, LA, Room 404 A, and is open to the public. Visitors must check-in with the security desk in the first floor lobby.

The estimated cost range is for informational purposes only and may be subject to change. The bid prices received from bidders will be evaluated based on the actual estimate value, which will be published at bid opening, for award determination.

Bids must be prepared and submitted in accordance with Section 102 of the 2006 or 2016 Louisiana Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges as specified in the project bid proposal, and as amended by the project specifications, and must include all information required by the proposal.

ONLINE BIDDER REGISTRATION IS FOR ALL PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS AND FOR OTHERS INTERESTED IN INFORMATION ONLY. Prior to the electronic bid submission deadline, ONLINE BIDDER REGISTRATION for each project bid is REQUIRED. Online Bidder Registration may be accessed via the Internet at wwwsp.dotd.la.gov. Select the following options: BUSINESS Working With DOTD, then Project Letting Info, then Online Bidder Registration.

When completed, a registration confirmation notice will be displayed and may be printed by the bidder. When approved for bidding, the bidder’s name will be placed on the “List of Prospective Bidders” located on the LA DOTD Internet website. It is the bidder’s responsibility to review the “List of Prospective Bidders” to ensure approval to bid. If a bidder does not register for a project, the bid will not be accepted by LA DOTD. As per Subsection 102.04(e) of the 2006 edition or 102.04.5 of the 2016 edition of the Louisiana Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges, no bidders will be approved for bid registration within 24 hours before the bid opening. All bidders must register to bid before that deadline.  If further information is required, please contact Mr. Al Simon:  email: Alfonzo.Simon@la.gov, phone: (225) 379-1111, fax: (225) 379-1857

Plans and bid proposals are available in electronic format ONLY.  All Plans, Proposals, Addenda, Amendments, Letters of Clarification, and Withdrawal Notices will be posted online.  Paper notices will not be distributed.

Construction bid proposals (includes specifications) and plans may be accessed via the Internet at wwwsp.dotd.la.gov.  To receive update notifications on specific projects, ONLINE BIDDER RIGISTRATION is required. From the LA DOTD home page, select the following options: BUSINESS Working With DOTD, then Project Letting Info.  Once the Construction Letting Information page appears, find the Notice to Contractors box.  From the drop down menu, select the appropriate letting date and press the “Go To” button to open the page, which provides a listing of all projects to be let and a Construction Proposal Documents link for each project. All project specific notices are found here.  It will be the responsibility of the bidder to check for updates.  Additionally, plans and specifications may be seen at the Project Engineer’s office.  Upon request, the Project Engineer will show the project site.

All questions concerning the plans shall be submitted via the Electronic Plans Distribution Center known as Falcon. All submitted questions will be forwarded by email to the Project Manager and the Project Engineer. Questions submitted within a period of 96 hours prior to the advertised time for the opening of bids, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and any other legal holidays, may not be answered prior to bidding. Falcon may be accessed via the Internet at wwwsp.dotd.la.gov. From the home page, select BUSINESS Working With DOTD, then select Project Letting Info. On the Construction Letting Information page, select the link, DOTD Plan Room (Falcon); Login to Falcon (or request an ID if a first-time user). Once logged in, you will have access to view Project Information, submit a question concerning the project, and view the plans. To avoid any suggestion that a potential bidder is using the Falcon system to communicate with other potential bidders, DOTD will not post any question or any statement of fact or opinion not made for the purpose of seeking clarification of plans and/or specifications. Any non-questions posted on falcon will be limited to the statement of an issue considered unresolved by a previous DOTD response.

Bidders assume the responsibility for accessing the Apparent Bid Results and final Bid Results on the Construction Letting Information web page located at wwwapps.dotd.la.gov/engineering/lettings/ to confirm whether they are the apparent low bidder for any given project and the specific due date of Form CS-6AAA. Apparent Low Bidders on Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)/Small Business Element (SBE) Goal Projects shall comply fully with the “Required Contract Provisions for DBE/SBE Participation in Federal Aid Construction Contracts (DBE/SBE Goal Project)” contained in Section “F” of the Proposal; and, in accordance therewith, Apparent Low Bidders shall submit the completed Form CS-6AAA and Attachments to the LA DOTD Compliance Programs Office utilizing the list of DBE/SBE Certified Contractors as posted for this letting at http://wwwapps.dotd.la.gov/engineering/lettings/construction.aspxThe award of the contract will be electronically submitted to the successful low bidder on each project.

The U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) operates a toll free “Hotline” Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time.  Anyone with knowledge of possible  bid rigging, bidder collusion, or other fraudulent activities should call 1-800-424-9071. All information will be treated confidentially and caller anonymity will be respected.


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OJT Goal: 12 Trainees
Specbook: 2016
SPECIAL NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: The project specifications shall include the TIFIA LOAN AGREEMENT for the NEW FERRY BOAT / CAMERON FERRY CROSSING, substantially in the form of section “H” of this proposal, attached hereto and hereby incorporated by reference and made an integral part of the Contract Documents. It is to be understood that the TIFIA LOAN AGREEMENT for the NEW FERRY BOAT / CAMERON FERRY CROSSING shall have general application to the entire project. When a discrepancy or conflict exists between the TIFIA LOAN AGREEMENT for the NEW FERRY BOAT / CAMERON FERRY CROSSING and the plans and the specifications, Subsection 105.04 Coordination and Precedence of Contract Documents as shown in this proposal shall govern the order of precedence. Due to funding sources, the total time allowed from receipt of bids to award of contract has been extended from 60 calendar days to 90 calendar days for this project. Please see the special provision entitled AWARD OF CONTRACT (TIFIA LOANS).
Description of work: construct new ferry boats and related work.
Parish(es): Statewide
Federal Number: H010037
Estimated Construction Cost: $50,000,000 to $70,000,000