4:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Election of President
5. Election of Vice-President
6. Appointment of Parish Administrator
7. Appointment of Parish Secretary
8. Appointment of Parish Treasurer
9. Proclamation – Malcolm Savoie
10. Approval of Add-ons
11. Drilling Permits:
a. EnLink Midstream – Johnson Bayou, Section 21, T15S, R13W, (proposed
installation of (1) 4-inch pipeline tie-in to an existing Bridgeline
pipeline), Cameron Parish, LA. (160101)
b. Shoreline Southeast LLC – Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, Section 7
& 18, T12S, R5W, (proposed board road, drill site & structures for
drilling Lacassine Co. B SWD No. 15 Well),Cameron Parish, LA. (160102)
c. EnLink Midstream – Johnson Bayou, Section 23, T15S, R13W, (proposed
(2) 10-inch pipeline tie-ins to an existing PSI Pipeline), Cameron Parish,
LA. (160108)
12. Other Permits:
a. BP America, Inc. – Grand Chenier, Section 39, T15S, R6W, (proposed
replacement of (2) groundwater monitoring wells), Cameron Parish, LA
b. Cameron LNG, LLC – Hackberry, Black Lake, Section
13 & 24, T12S, R11W, (proposed reconstruction of a previously
permitted levee, repairs include construction of an earthen levee
with erosion protection to be placed on the East side of levee that will
consists of shorelinks revetment mat and tiling mats along with
plantings), Cameron Parish, LA. (160104)
c. Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, LLC – Cameron, Off Davis Rd., Section 6
& 7, T15S, R9W, (proposed to use a land-based geoprobe to advance (14)
soil borings as follow-up to Phase 1 Environmental Site
Assessment, soil and groundwater will be sampled as
part of this work), Cameron Parish, LA. (160105)
d. XTO Energy Inc. – Grand Chenier, Section 3 & 4, T15S, R3W, (proposed
after-the-fact removal of structures and pipelines associated with La.
Cutler Oil & Gas Corp. Well No. 1), Cameron Parish, LA. (160106)
e. G2 LNG, LLC – Cameron, West of Calcasieu Ship Channel, (proposed to
site, construct, own and operate a liquefied natural gas liquefaction
facility), Cameron Parish, LA. (160107)
13. Appointments:
a. Cameron Sewer District No. 10 – Eric Monceaux term expired
b. Cameron Sewer District No. 10 – Boyd Boudreaux term expired
c. Beachfront District No. 2 – Bobbie Primeaux resigned, appoint Becky
d. Beachfront District No. 2 – Brenda Boudreaux resigned, appoint Kevin
e. Beachfront District No. 2 – Appoint Leeann Stewart to fill open seat
f. Beachfront District No. 2 – Douglas Haynie resigned, appoint Kim Murphy
g. Waterworks District No. 1 – Tony Porche resigned, appoint Darlene
h. Waterworks District No. 1 – Davy Doxey resigned, appoint Edward
i. Recreation District No. 6 – Replace Tom Rowland, appoint Amanda
j. Oyster Task Force – Ruben Doxey resigned, appoint Belinda Miltenberger
k. Fire District No. 1 – Replace Tony Mooney, appoint Fred Sanders
l. Recreation District No. 7 – Replace Gabe Lalande, appoint Janetta Lalande
m. Recreation District No. 7 – Replace Brent Morales, appoint James Duhon
n. Recreation District No. 7 – Replace Stephen Landry, appoint Jonathan
o. Recreation District No. 7 – Darren Richard resigned, appoint T-Mike
p. Waterworks District No. 10 – Kurt Storm resigned, appoint Jim Snyder
q. Library Board – Appoint Peter Posada to open seat
14. Adopt Resolution of Support for CWPPRA Project Priority List
15. Adopt Resolutions to Call Election for Hackberry Fire District Bond Issue
16. Adopt Resolutions to Ratify Calling of Elections:
a. Ambulance Dist. No. 2 – Renewal of Maintenance Tax (14.00 mills)
b. Gravity Drainage Dist. 5 – Renewal of Maintenance Tax (6.21 mills)
17. President Authority to Sign:
a. Engagement Agreement with Gragson, Cassiday and Guillory, LLP to
perform audit services for year ending December 31, 2015
b. Professional Services Agreement with Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial
Services to Provide Post Employment Benefits Report for 2 years
c. CEA with DOTD for Assistance with Monkey Island Access
18. Appoint Ronald G. Nunez as Ward 3 Constable
19. Public Hearing – Ordinance Changes:
a. Proposed Amendment to Parish Ordinance Chapter 14 Motor Vehicles and
Traffic – Change Speed Limit on PR No. 668 (Alpha Lane)
20. Amend Parish Ordinance:
a. Amend Parish Ordinance Chapter 14 Motor Vehicles and Traffic – Reduce
Speed Limit from 25 mph to 15 mph on PR No. 668 (Alpha Lane)
21. Acceptance of Proposal for Cameron Parish Courthouse Asbestos
22. Pay Bills