2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  4. Approval of Minutes
    1. August 6, 2021
    2. September 16, 2021
  5. Approval of Add-Ons:
  6. Other Permits:
    1. Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative, Inc. – Parish Wide, (proposed emergency use authorization of wrecking, removal, disposal, repair, and/or replacement of Damaged transmission and distribution lines in response to Hurricanes Laura and Delta, EUA #21-016), Cameron Parish, LA. (210901)
    2. Cameron Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 5 – Grand Chenier, Sections 27, 28, 33, 34, 35, T14S, R6W, Sections 3 & 4, T15S, R6W, (proposed to perform maintenance cleanout of approximately 45,487 linear feet of existing Pumpkin Bayou Canal), Cameron Parish, LA. (210902)
    3. Wayland W. Phillips, Patricia A. Phillips – Big Lake, Basil Daigle Rd., (proposed excavation of pond to provide fill material for driveway, raise property elevation, including pavilion pad and clearing of property), Cameron Parish, LA. (210903)
    4. Cameron Parish Police Jury – Grand Lake, Section 6, T12S, R8W, (proposed
      re-authorization, as previously permitted (80 acre site) for the continuation of pit excavations, approximately 3.07 acres to provide fill material over a period of time for various municipal projects throughout the parish), Cameron Parish, LA. (211001)
    5. Colonial Pipeline Company – Near Sabine River, Burton Shell Slip Canal, Lat. 30 02 27.29, Long. -93 43 54.87, (proposed to perform (46) sleeve replacements along existing Line 2 Hebert to Lake Charles pipeline to maintain Colonial Pipeline’s system integrity standards and as required by U.S. Department of Transportation, approx. 2,945 cubic yards to be excavated from 16 dig sites in order to access the pipeline), Cameron Parish, LA. (211002)
    6. BP America Production Company – Hackberry, Vincent Island, Section 30, T12S, R10W, (proposed to install (4) soil borings, (1) which will be converted to a monitor well at Robert Reeds property to establish environmental conditions of property), Cameron Parish, LA. (211003)
    7. Cameron Preservation Alliance – Johnson Bayou, Section 29, T15S, R15W, (proposed patching of the eroded area of Sabine Pass Lighthouse access road caused by Hurricane Laura and Delta, this will result in approximately1400 sq be filled), Cameron Parish, LA. (211004)
    8. Targa Resources, Inc. – Johnson Bayou, Lat. 29 45 48.19, Long. -93 38 17.62, (proposed removal of (5) pipelines from the existing Mako Facility to the Stingray Facility totaling approximately 46,743 ft. in length), Cameron Parish, LA. (211005)
  7. Appointments:
    1. Waterworks District No. 9 – Remove Terri Welch, appoint Armand “Bubba” Richard
    2. Waterworks District No. 2 – Brad Hinton, term expired
    3. Beachfront Development District No. 2 – Remove Johnny Pruitt, moved out of parish. Appoint Susan Conner Boudreaux
  8. Ratification of Approval for Insurance Quotes for:
    1. General Liability
    2. Commercial Auto
    3. Worker’s Compensation
    4. VFIS
  9. Authority to Advertise for Request for Proposals:
    1. Limestone
    2. Dust Control
    3. White Goods
  10. Authority to Advertise to abandon 3.07 Acre Road right-of-way located in Section 35, Township 15 South, Range 13 West, Southwestern Land District, Louisiana
    Meridian, Cameron Parish, Louisiana (Johnson Bayou)
  11. Ratification of Proclamation – Declare September 7, 2021, French Language and Heritage Day
  12. Ratification of low bid acceptance, architect recommendation, and president authority to sign contract for repairs of Big Lake Pier
  13. Ratification of low bid acceptance, architect recommendation, and president authority to sign contract for repairs of Muria Fire Station
  14. Approve and grant president authority to sign 2022 Port-O-Let Contract with Coastal Cans
  15. Authority to Apply for State Capital Outlay Funding
  16. Approve 2021-2022 Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning & Development Commission (IMCAL) membership dues in the amount of $4,787.30
  17. Authority to announce and advertise a Public Notice of Intent to consider calling an election at the November 12, 2021 meeting for the Consolidated Fire Protections of South Cameron Taxing Districts
  18. Consideration of Adopting a Resolution authorizing and Ratifying a Resolution adopted by the Johnson Bayou Recreation District on September 27, 2021 to proceed with the ordering and calling of a special election March 26, 2022 for Johnson Bayou Recreation District – 8.00 mills for a period of 10 years beginning 2023 and ending 2032 for the purpose of operating and maintaining the District’s recreation facilities
  19. Authority for Administrator to sign Contract and Master Service Agreement with DataScout, LLC for OneMap database
  20. Consideration of Variance Request for John Canik, Canik’s Feed & Grocery, 4459 West Creole Hwy, Cameron LA 70631
  21. Authority to advertise for hazard mitigation services related to Hazard Mitigation Grants (HMA) grants
  22. Accept low bid and architect recommendation, and grant president authority to sign contract for repairs to the Cameron Multipurpose Building
  23. Approval to exempt permit fees related to disaster recovery from August 27, 2021 thru December 2021
  24. Ratification of payments for August 2021 bills
  25. Pay September 2021 bills

Adjourn Meeting

* Indicating Add-ons

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