11:00 A.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  3. Executive Session:
    1. Hurricane Insurance Litigation Discussion
    2. Coastal Zone Litigation Discussion
    3. Workers Comp Litigation Discussion
  5. Motion to Adopt Minutes from January 2024 meetings
  6. Motion to Approve Add-Ons:
  7. Motion to Approve Other Permits:
    1. Colonial Pipeline Company – Johnson Bayou, Latitude 30°02’38.01”, 93°43’42.32”, (proposes to perform seventeen anomaly digs along the existing Line 2 Hebert to Lake Charles Pipeline. Approximately 1,932 cubic yards of material will be excavated from the dig sites to access the pipeline. Excavated material will be used to backfill upon completion.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240201)
    2. ERM – Cameron, 163 Wakefield Road, (proposes to delineate subsurface contaminants in accordance with Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Plan. Project includes advancement of a total of eighty-nine (89) soil borings. Thirty-four (34) soil borings to be converted to temporary shallow groundwater wells. Twenty-four (24) of the soil borings are optional and may not be drilled. Soil borings will be advanced to maximum depth of twenty (20) feet below ground surface using a tracked Geoprobe direct push rig.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240202)
    3. Targa Resources, Inc. – Grand Chenier, Mermentau River Road, (Seahawk Pipeline; proposes to decommission an existing 12 inch natural gas pipeline, beginning point is Valve Site A and transverses southwesterly across land/marsh, through Louisiana state waters and terminates approximately 14 miles offshore in federal waters in West Cameron Area Block 72 and 102. This is approximately 21.3 miles.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240203)
    4. Walter Oil and Gas – Creole, Off Highway 27, (proposes Miami Corp ADI/19834 Waskey Deck removal due to no longer in service.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240204)
    5. Targa Downstream, LLC – Hackberry, Starks North Canal, (Emergency after-the-fact permit for pipeline repair located on the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. Targa repaired a pipeline leak approximately 60’ long x 10’ wide x 5’ deep.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240205)
    6. Sabine Crossing, LLC – Johnson Bayou, Sabine Pass, (proposes two geotechnical survey’s, BH-4175-03ALT and BH-4175-04ALT, to support engineering analysis of a proposed pipeline route and installation method.), Cameron Parish, LA. (240206)
  8. Motion to Approve Appointments:
    1. Beachfront Development District No. 1 – Tammy Erbelding, term expired
    2. Beachfront Development District No. 1 – Nikki Norman, term expired
    3. Beachfront Development District No. 2 – Vickie Kiffe, term expired
    4. Fire Protection District No. 10 – Richard Burbank, term expired
    5. Gravity Drainage District No. 5 – Anthony Swire, term expired
    6. Gravity Drainage District No. 8 – Marsha Delaney, term expired. Appoint Monty Pearce
    7. Mosquito Abatement – James Boudreaux, term expired
    8. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Sheila Miller, term expired
    9. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Vince Theriot, term expired
    10. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Kevin Vincent, term expired
    11. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Brent Morales, term expired
    12. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Thomas Cox, term expired
    13. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Dwight Savoie, term expired
    14. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Nat Griffth, term expired
    15. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Howard Romero, term expired
    16. Cameron Parish Port Harbor & Terminal District – Jimmy Brown, term expired. Appoint Joseph Devall, Sr
    17. Lower Cameron Hospital Board – Remove Michelle Trahan, appoint Kevin Dupke
    18. E911 Board – Appoint Lester Whatley to Ward 6 Hackberry Open Seat
    19. Nominees for Port of Lake Charles Board of Commissioner Seat appointed by the Governor
  9. Motion to Authorize Audit Engagement Agreement with Gragson, Casiday, & Guillory, LLP for the year ending December 31, 2023
  10. Motion to Approve President Authority to Sign:
    1. Compliance questionnaire with Gragson, Casiday, & Guillory, LLP for the year ending December 31, 2023
    2. Lease with OMV for (1) Office Space and (3) Parking Spaces
    3. Temporary Access Road Agreement to Venture Global, Contingent upon Venture Global posting a satisfactory road bond required by Road & Bridge Superintendent
  11. Motion to Approve Pipeline Roadway Construction Permits for Venture Global CP Express LLC for installation of a 48-inch steel natural gas by open cut crossing:
    1. Parish Road 332
    2. Parish Road 388 (Earl Road)
    3. Parish Road 350 (Murphy Lane)
    4. Parish Road 345 (Ruby Lane)
    5. Parish Road 313 (Conner Road)
    6. Old Dump Road (Limestone)
  12. Motion to Approve Proclamation – Kenneth Ducote
  13. Motion to Approve Change Orders:
    1. COR 001 – Cameron Main Library LOC 74 – Additional Structural Repairs Contract. Increase contract amount by $23,037.00 for Concrete Honeycombing Repairs and increase contract time by 10 days.
  14. Motion to Approve Authority to Advertise for:
    1. Ordinance Change for Library Per Diem in accordance with Louisiana R.S. 25:214.1
    2. Ordinance Change for Wastewater District No. 1 Per Diem in accordance with Louisiana R.S. 33:3887.9
  15. Motion to approve Police Jury Association of Louisiana 2024 Annual Dues in the amount of $9,600
  16. Motion to approve Parishes Advocating for Coastal Endurance (PACE) 2024 membership dues in the amount of $5,000
  17. Motion to allocate funding in the amount of $20,547.00 to the LSU Ag Center for Extension Programs for January – December 2024
  18. Motion to Grant Authority to get Appraisal on property in Klondike for the Cameron Parish Library Klondike location
  19. Motion to Grant Authority to advertise for bids to sell 4 Fire Trucks for South Cameron Consolidated Fire District
  20. Motion to Grant Authority to advertise for bids to purchase 1 Fire Truck for South Cameron Consolidated Fire District
  21. Motion to Grant Authority to advertise to REBID Batch 2 Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) Demo, Non-RACM
  22. Motion to Grant Authority to Parish Administrator to submit ballot on vote for BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana buyout
  23. Motion to Grant Authority to Announce Public Notice of Intent to consider calling an election to be held on November 5, 2024 to consider renewals of ad valorem property tax millage for:
    1. Fire District No. 15 Klondike (In Lieu of)
    2. Hackberry Fire No. 1
    3. Hackberry Gravity Drainage No. 9
    4. Consolidated Waterworks No. 1 (formerly known as Creole Waterworks No. 7)
  24. Motion to Grant Authority to advertise for bids for all 3 Elements of the Mermentau Basin Inundation Relief Project funded under the Community Block Grant (CDBG-MIT)
    Element 1: East End Locks Rehabilitation
    Element 2: Water Control Structures
    Element 3: (Pending completion of land rights process and secure of final permit)

    1. Channel Improvements
    2. Cross Drain Replacement
  25. Discuss and consider bids for the Health Unit Building repairs and renovations for the usage by South Cameron Memorial Hospital
  26. Discuss and consider placing a historical marker at the Cameron Courthouse
  27. Discuss and consider approval of a mural to be painted on a wall of the Holly Beach Fire Station
  28. Review and accept the monthly financial statements and budget to actual comparison
  29. Motion that approved Bills be Paid

Adjourn Meeting

* Indicating Add-ons

View the official Agenda here.