2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer


4. Approval of Minutes

5. Approval of Add-ons:

6. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:
a. Zachry Exploration, LLC – Lowry, Section 4, T12S, R4W, (proposed drill site and
location to drill the Tabasco Cat Prospect), Cameron Parish, LA. (190904)

7. Other Permits:
a. ICON Environmental – West Hackberry, Black Lake, Lat, 30 1 1.65, Long. -93 24
39.51, (proposed soil borings and monitor well environmental assessment to evaluate
impacts from historical oil and gas exploration and production), Cameron Parish, LA.
b. Elton Bonsall – East Creole, 559 East Creole Hwy, Sections 15 & 22, T14-S, R7-W,
(proposed maintenance of existing drainage ditches and levees, approximately 18,430
cubic yards of spoil material to be excavated from approximately 9,215 ft. of ditches and
placed on existing levees to maintain drainage of property), Cameron Parish, LA.
c. Little Pecan Cattle Company, LLC – Grand Chenier, Mermentau River Rd., Section 5,
T15S, R6W, (proposed after-the-fact permit application for the installation of a 36-inch
drainage discharge pipe, electric pump, platform, approximately 20 cubic yards of
crush stone to construct aggregate driveway for access to pump, and 24-inch culvert
placed under rock driveway. Pump to provide drainage relief to the affected area during
periods of heavy rainfall and elevated tide levels in the Mermentau River), Cameron
Parish, LA. (190903)

8. Appointments:
a. Johnson Bayou Recreation District, Janna Trahan, resigned. Appoint Pamela Romero
b. Cameron Waterworks District No. 1 – Chris Mooney, term expired
c. Gravity Drainage District No. 8 – Darryl Poole, resigned
d. Fire Protection District No. 7 – Emma Jean Miller, term expired
e. Fire Protection District No. 16 – Barry Watkins, term expired
f. Recreation District No. 6 – Tammy Peshoff, term expired
g. Beachfront Development District No. 2 – Darlene Higgins, resigned. Appoint Johnny

9. Conduct Public Hearing for Proposed Amendments to Chapter 7 Flood Damage
Prevention Ordinance
Delete existing, Sec 7-35 (a), (b), (c) and ADD the following to Sec 7-35 (a),
(b), (c) – Inspection required to determine compliance with development
(a) The applicant or owner must contact the Cameron Parish Police Jury when the forms for
the foundation are complete or structure is moved on the site within (30) days of the
issuance of the development permit. The inspector will determine if the structure is in
accordance with the base flood elevation requirements.
(b) If the applicant or owner fails to comply with the development permit application or base
flood elevation requirements, the floodplain administrator will send a certified letter to
the applicant informing the applicant of the violation. If the applicant fails to comply with
requirements or fails to correct the violation, said applicant or owner shall be subject to
the penalties herein.
(c) Upon a finding by a court of competent jurisdiction that an applicant or owner has
violated this chapter or failed to comply with any of its requirements, the applicant or
owner shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each violation and,
in addition, shall pay all expenses incurred by the Parish for inspections and any court
cost involved in prosecution of such case. In addition, the Parish may seek to enjoin the
occupancy or use of any building or structure which has, without compliance with this
chapter, been, in whole or in part, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved,
demolished, or the occupancy changed or for which the electrical, gas, mechanical or
plumbing system has been erected, installed, enlarged, altered, repaired, removed,
converted, or replaced in any fashion.

10. Authority to Amend Chapter 7 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (as listed in Item 9)

11. Conduct Pubic Hearing for Proposed Amendments to Chapter 4 1/4 Building Codes and
Permits Ordinance
Delete existing, Sec. 4 ¼ – 2 and ADD the following to Sec. 4 ¼ – 2 – Adoption
of state uniform construction code.
Pursuant to La. R.S. 40:1730.21 et seq., the most current editions adopted by the Louisiana
State Uniform Construction Code Council, are hereby adopted as the regulations governing the
construction of buildings and other structures in Cameron Parish. Unless specified, all
standards contained in a referenced code are adopted and included for purposes of this article.
Unless referenced by name or letter designation, no appendix or appendices to a code is
1. International Building Code
2. International Residential Code
3. International Existing Building Code
4. International Mechanical Code
5. International Fuel/Gas Code
6. International Plumbing Code
7. National Electrical Code
8. International Energy Code (Building Envelope and Duct Tightness)
Delete existing, Sec. 4 ¼ -8 and ADD the following to Sec. 4 ¼ – 8 – Penalties.
The owner or his designee of any immovable or any person, partnership, or corporation who
violates any of the provisions of this chapter or aids or abets in the violation of any of the
provisions of this chapter shall be punishable by a fine of not exceeding five hundred dollars
($500.00), for each offense plus any expenses incurred by the Parish for inspections and court
costs to enforce these provisions.
Delete Sec. 4 ¼-12 – Permitting of mobile homes.

12. Authority to Amend Chapter 4 1/4 Building Codes and Permits Ordinance (as listed in
item 11)

13. Authority to Advertise for Request for Proposals:
a. RFP for Limestone
b. RFP for Dust Control
c. RFP for White Goods

14. Approve Insurance Quotes for General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Worker’s

15. President Authority to sign contract for the Cameron Parish Road Improvement
Project #19-130

16. Ratification – President Authority to sign Assignment of Ground Lease Agreement on 58
acres with Venture Global

17. President Authority to sign Monitoring Response Letter and return de-obligated funds

18. Consideration to approve Louisiana Fur & Wildlife Festival Sponsorship

19. Authorization to close the Cameron Parish Police Jury Administration Office, Tuesday,
September 24, 2019 between the hours of 8-12 for Courthouse Dedication Ceremony

20. Consideration to approve Cal-Cam Fair Sponsorship for Saturday night Bulls and Band

21. Authorization to submit application for FY 2020 Conservation and Restoration
Partnership Fund with CPRA

22. Consideration to renew contract with the Picard Group for State and Federal lobbying

23. Authorization to purchase 50′ Long Stick on State Contract

24. Executive Session – John Duhon Rd Litigation 10-20195 Frederick Paul LaBove Vs.
Charles Smith; Linda Faye Smith and The Cameron Parish Police Jury

25. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting
* Indicating Add-ons


See the official document.