FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2022
2:00 P.M.

Cameron Parish Police Jury
West Annex – Board Room
148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer
  4. Approval of Minutes
  5. Approval of Add-Ons:
  6. Drilling & Pipeline Permits:
    1. Apollo Energy Operating Company, LP – Johnson Bayou, Cameron Meadows Field, Section 20, T14S, R13W, (proposed re-authorization of surface well locations for drilling Dore Fee Wells No. 59 & 60, previously permitted under P20190893), Cameron Parish, LA. (220601)
  7. Other Permits:
    1. ICON Environmental -Johnson Bayou, Section 15, T15S, R14W, (proposed Stream Johnson Bayou environmental assessments that consist of 30 soil borings and monitor well installations to assess environmental impacts from historical and active Oil and Gas E&P), Cameron Parish, LA. (220602)
    2. Hilcorp Energy Company- Johnson Bayou, Section 10, T14S, R12W, (proposed after-the-fact authorization to repair a leak on a 4-inch flowline in Second Bayou Field, EUA 21-126), Cameron Parish, LA. (220603)
    3. CPRA – Cameron, Calcasieu Lake, CS-78 CWPPRA No Name Bayou Marsh Creation; Latitude 29 50 05.57, Longitude -93 19 36.73 (proposed primary feature is to create approximately 890 acres of saline marsh using sediment being hydraulically pumped from borrow area in Calcasieu Lake. Containment dikes will be constructed around the marsh area during pumping and at the completion, the containment dikes will be degraded and gapped), Cameron, LA. (220604)
    4. United State Fish and Wildlife Service – Sweetlake, East and West of Highway 27, Cameron Prairie Wildlife Refuge Maintenance Project; Section 29, T12S, R07W (proposed installation of one new water control structure (WCS #1) and the replacement of one old structure with a flap gate and a variable crested weir on the
      managed side (WCS # 2) that will add water level management capabilities), Cameron, LA. (220605)
    5. CPRA – West Cove in Calcasieu Lake, Section 9, 10, T14S, R10W (proposed Rabbit Island Shoreline Protection Maintenance Event; construction of approximately 2,400 linear feet oyster reef restoration. Reefs to be constructed in a foreshore alignment by placing approximately 808 cubic yards of limestone in Gabion baskets to promote oyster reef growth and reduce shoreline erosion. The reefs will be constructed in segments to allow gapping for fish passage. The project will provide protection on the north-eastern shoreline of Rabbit Island from wave scour.), Cameron, LA. (220605)
  8. Appointments:
    1. Creole Nature Trail – Jimmy Brown, term expired
    2. Creole Nature Trail – Wendy Harrington, term expired
    3. Waterworks District No. 10 – Nathan Griffith, term expired
    4. Waterworks District No. 10 – Kent Carlson, term expired
    5. Waterworks District No. 10 – Connie Trahan, term expired
    6. Fire District No. 10 Civil Service Board – Jeremy Burton, term expired
    7. Gravity Drainage District No. 3 – Appoint Fletcher Gabe LaLande, to open seat for remainder of term
    8. Lower Cameron Hospital District No. 2 – Bridgett Snyder, resigned. Appoint April Young for remainder of term
  9. Approve Southwest LA Criminalistics Laboratory Budget for 2022/2023 Fiscal Year
  10. Approve Three-Year Capital Outlay Plan for Parish Transportation Act
  11. Authority to get fair market value on Crab Lady Landing Property located in Big Lake, and authority to advertise for Sealed Bids to lease Crab Lady Landing Property Big Lake, LA
  12. Consideration of Variance for Mark Anthony Daigle (Tire/Automotive Mechanic Center), 4498 West Creole Hwy, Cameron LA 70631 (Tabled from last month)
  13. Resolution to declare Ridgecrest subdivision property as surplus, approval to get appraisal on property, and authority to advertise for Sealed Bids to sell Ridgecrest subdivision property for not less than appraised value
  14. Resolution for President Authority to sign CEA for RFQ for 911 upgrade for 24 parishes
  15. President authority to sign amendment No. 1 for Mermentau Basin Inundation Relief Project for Early-Stage Phase I, funded by CDBG-MIT funds
  16. Authority to get fair market value on Gary Landing Property located in Klondike, and authority to negotiate lease agreement for boat launch
  17. Proclamation – Cecil William Clark, III
  18. President authority to sign 3-year Cooperative Agreement with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources for Cameron Parish Local Coastal Management Program Implementation (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025)
  19. Authority to advertise for RFP/R for disaster remediation services
  20. Change Order No. 011 – Johnson Bayou Library, additional contract time of 93 days needed due to supply chain issues for the manufacturing of monument sign. No additional contract increase.
  21. Accept Johnson Bayou Library – LOC 52 Post Hurricane Restoration Project as Substantial Complete
  22. Pay Bills

Adjourn Meeting

* Indicating Add-ons

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