Our parish has seen a dramatic increase in a number of insects that are very similar in appearance to mosquitoes. Crane flies and midges are among the most common insects resembling mosquitoes in our parish at this time. Most of our complaints recently have been dealing with midges. They hatch from polluted or highly organic aquatic habitats. They travel in huge swarms, usually will cover entire walls of houses that are out of the wind, and may cover vehicles when driving through a swarm. Neither crane flies or midges suck blood, and neither pose any kind of human health threat. We are not licensed to spray them intentionally because they do not contract diseases like mosquitoes do, however if they are actively flying when we are spraying mosquitoes they will die if the spray hits them. The use of any flying insect spray or residual sprays that can be purchased at hardware stores and feed stores can help control them around the doors of your house.